Hi Stephany!

This is a private page for you and our team to see the below preliminary version (without the lyric changes) of an animated “Practice Singing” video intended to help groups decide what format of the song they want to use in their event promotion video.

Once I have a new vocal from you, I’ll put the “Practice Singing” video on the Singers page, where I’ll also promote you. (I’ll promote Tanya and Ethan on the Music page.)

On the Singers page, I will encourage members of groups that we are promoting to video themselves singing along with your recording.

Or, they can choose to use just your solo version of the song.

Or, they can choose the group version of the song that has whoever we can get to sing along with you on the video. I intend to shoot the video when Tanya gets back from Cuba.

Here’s the animated “Practice Singing” video that needs a new vocal from you:

When singing the revised lyrics, you can use the backing track that Tanya uploaded to dropbox, or you can use the video below.

However, when Tanya’s back, I want to talk to her about having an instrument (guitar?) play the melody. You obviously don’t need it with your amazing ability to sing the melody so beautifully, but I think it would help mortals to sing the song.

In the meantime, here’s the current version of the backing track:

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