Here’s the FineDay founder with his cat TouTou welcoming a wild rabbit, that comes in for breakfast and dinner.
(For a story with TouTou, please see “About MAIN STREET MULTIMEDIA Kind of a Cat Tale.”)

The founder’s love of animals is why we want to help you promote your next important event, if you have a group helping abused or distressed animals anywhere in the world. We’ll post your event on our Time Scroll and possibly feature it in a FineDay Time Travel Video.

Scroll down for “How your video will work” and more about “Why we want to help animal groups.”

REQUIREMENTS to be eligible for a FineDay Time Travel Video:

You’ll need a “Yes” answer to all of these questions:

• Do you have a non-profit group or group staffed primarily by volunteers that tries to create the future with love by helping abused or distressed animals?

• Will you submit all the necessary information about your upcoming event at least 6 weeks prior to the event?

• Can you give us a link to a post on your website or social media about your event?

• If you want us to incorporate your video of your people singing our international friendship song, “Have a Fine Day,” will you have them all sign and return our video release forms, no later than when you submit the video?

Once you’ve filled in the above information on the form below, FineDay staff and Patreon members will post the information for discussion and voting in the “Future” section of Points in Time.

Please understand that it may take a while for us to post your event due to our limited resources.

Thank you for allowing us to help you in the important work that you do!

Give Us Your Important Up Coming Event Information here:

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Your Name:

Here’s an older version of how a full FineDay Time Travel video to promote your upcoming event would work. (To see the slightly different updated design, please see the current featured time travel video on the homepage.)

Here is a video explaining why FineDay chose to promote groups helping animals in distress:


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